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People Source International is an all-in-one small to medium scale business solution provider. The mission of People Source International is to help small and medium scale businesses to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness by providing them value driven services. People Source International offers almost all the major services that a small business can ask for business expansion and market penetration.


There are certain attributes that make People Source International stand out from all other outsourcing services providers in the market. People Source International is not just an ordinary outsourcing service provider; rather we cross the traditional realm of outsourcing and give a new shape and connotations to the phenomena of outsourcing.

Our Services

People Source International offers a great diversity in its services. Once a small business is with People Source International, it can expect to receive all sorts of services on demand. Thus a client of People Source International needs not to go to any other service provider for any other kind of service. Our main services are given below.

Call Center Services

The real feather in the cap of People Source International is its outsourced call centers. When it comes to offering outsourced call center services, People Source International believes in offering optimum productivity no matter whatever the client’s needs and expectations are. The major outsourced call center services offered by People Source International are given below.

Outbound Telemarketing Services

For businesses that are looking to expand and want to penetrate the market People Source International provides outbound telemarketing services. The campaigns are specially designed by keeping in mind the target audience and the individual needs of the business. With our quality agents who are expert in dealing with customers and have the abilities to persuade them, along with the state of the art technology, we help our clients achieve the objectives, which they wish to achieve from outbound telemarketing services.
The outbound telemarketing agents hired by People Source International come with substantial industry experience and know how and when to push the prospect further into the purchase cycle. Our agents are equally effective for B2B and B2C outbound telemarketing services.
With state of the art technology, People Source International ensures that there is no lag in achieving the objectives of outbound telemarketing services.

Inbound Customer Support

Businesses that are already running and want customer support for their customers, People Source International offers its outsourced inbound call center services. The inbound call center support provided by People Source International ensures that the customers receive optimum support and thus becomes a loyal customer of the business. This optimum customer support is ensured by People Source International with customer support agents who are courteous in their conduct and have substantial customer support experience.
The quality of service provided by outsourced call centers depends upon the customer support agents, as it’s the agents with whom the customers interact. People Source International provides its agents with rigorous product and service training so that they provide the best service to the customers.
Answering Service
For small business owners who cannot afford to hire an employee for answering calls, People Source International under its outsourced inbound call center umbrella offers answering service. People Source International has its best employees answering the calls of the business.  
Script Writing
For outbound telemarketing campaigns People Source International helps the client write the best script that persuades the target audience and helps in increasing the sales and leads with more efficiency and effectiveness leading to greater productivity.

Predictive Dialer

With a predictive dialer, a business can substantially increase its sales without increasing the resources. It is an ideal situation which most of the small business owners would require. Thus, People Source International with its predictive dialer makes sure that he clients get maximum productivity.

Virtual Assistance Service

Small business owners are always immersed with workload. To solve this problem of SMB owners the outsourcing industry has come up with the solution of virtual assistant. People Source International offers its clients with the best virtual assistants.
The process is very simple where the client provides us with a job description of what he or she is looking for in a virtual assistant, and then we find the right and most suitable virtual assistant pertaining to the description provided by the employer. The virtual assistant service provided by People Source International comes with the guarantee of quality and timely delivery of projects. The major virtual assistances provided by People Source International are given below.

Virtual Personal Assistant

As the name of the service indicates, that a virtual personal assistant would be an employee who will be performing all the functions associated with a personal assistant, just with the virtual factor added to it. The virtual personal assistant offered by People Source International works for the client dedicatedly and offers full time or part time services to the client. The virtual personal assistant can perform functions like appointment setting, managing campaigns, and so on.

Virtual Secretary

The virtual secretary service provided by People Source International is a further extension of the virtual personal assistant. The virtual secretary performs all the orthodox duties that are associated to a secretary like answering of calls, setting appointment with clients, managing calendar entries, and so on. The virtual agent working as a secretary can also be hired for part and full time duties.

Virtual Office Agent

The CEOs of startup business cannot find enough time to take care of the trivial matters of the office. In such cases the virtual office agent service provided by People Source International can help the small business owners in managing office tasks, where the virtual agent would be taking care of the trivial matters while the owner should save energy and focus for matter of strategic importance like business expansion and growth.

Website Design and Development Services

To generate revenue from online presence, a business needs to have an attractive and compelling website designed; moreover the website must also facilitate the user in all regards in terms of its functionality so that the user has best and easy experience.
People Source International provides the best and top quality website design and development services to its clients. The experienced website design and development staff of People Source International provides all kinds of facilitation to the client in creating and managing an effective and efficient website design. The developers of People Source International are skilled and expert in all types of website development technologies like Adobe Flash, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, MySQL and so on. The experienced website designers on our payroll make sure that your website is in line with the guidelines of search engines to ensure greater productivity.
Moreover, for ecommerce-based websites, People Source International offers quality ecommerce solutions that meet the needs and wants of specific businesses. The ecommerce solutions provided by People Source International help the clients in better conduction of online business. Some of our ecommerce solutions include product catalogue, customer management, payment gateway integration, shopping carts and many more.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Services

Now a days it has become mandatory for a business to have an online presence and with that online presence a business needs to make sure that it ranks as high as possible in the search engine results. For this purpose, a business requires professional search engine optimization services. Moreover, to spread the word of the business among the target audience, social media marketing is also a viable option which every business must avail.

SEO Services

The primary search engine optimization services provided by People Source International include:

Website Assessment-

We analyze the website of the client from every aspect and then make the necessary adjustments.

Competition Analysis-

We analyze your website by comparing it with the market and analyze the nature and level of the competition.

Keywords Research-

We gather and research about all the keywords that can be effectively targeted to increase your ranking in the search engines.

Link Building-

Basing the SEO strategy around the keywords then we perform the activity of link building rigorously.

Ranking Report-

While performing search engine optimization we do not keep the client in dark, rather we share with them the ranking and activity reports on regular basis so that the client knows which type of activities are being performed and their possible results.

Social Media Marketing

People Source International offers a bunch of social media marketing services to its clients. All the social media services offered are designed specifically for individual business needs. The major SMM services provided by People Source International include:

Content Development-

We create unique and attention grabbing content for the audience so that the image of the brand leaves a positive impression on their minds.

Profile Management-

People Source International offers special social media profile creation and management services to its clients. All the profiles of the clients are managed with complete responsibility and confidentiality.

FanPage Creation-

We also offer fan page creation services for our clients on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn Marketing-

LinkedIn is one of the richest platforms for B2B marketing. We help businesses grow by offering targeted marketing on LinkedIn platform.

Data Entry Services

Businesses that do not have enough resources to manage their back office or data entry tasks can avail the amazing service People Source International offers to its clients. People Source International offers data entry services to its clients on very affordable and economical rates.

People Source International is the best all-in-one solution provider a small business owner wants. We offer quality services, cheaper rates, and timely delivery of projects so that the business prospers and beats the competition. These services are available under one roof PeopleSourceInternational. Contact Us for satisfactory services.