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People Source Inc.
People Source Inc.
People Source Inc.

Data Entry And Virtual Assistant

People Source Inc.

Virtual Assistant Services:

One of the most growing trends in business services industry is of Virtual Assistant, where the business provides a job description to the outsourcing company, and the outsourcing services provider finds the best employee pertaining to the job description to work virtually.

People Source International provides you the best possible candidates that have the relevant experience pertaining to the services you require. Some of the major areas in which People Source International offers Virtual Assistant services are:

Virtual Secretary:

For small business owners People Source International offers the services of Virtual Secretary. Now with our Virtual Secretary you don’t need to worry about your calls, appointment settings, or calendar entries while you are on the go. Our Virtual Secretaries have substantial experience backing them up, so you get a quality secretary virtually handling your office needs.

 Virtual Office Assistant:

You are a CEO of a startup business, and don’t have time to manage trivial tasks of the office. Our Virtual Office Assistants can help in sharing your burden while you focus your energies towards matters of strategic importance.

Virtual Personal Assistant:

If you have some specific duties to perform in specific hours of the day, like doing social media optimization of your website, or call center services related tasks, then our Virtual Personal Assistant can help you with all these tasks in an efficient manner.

Data Entry Services:

For back office needs and data entry purposes, People Source International provides its clients with quality agents that are efficient in performing all types of data entry and back office functions.

 Like all other services offered by People Source International, the services of Virtual Assistant and Data Entry come with optimum guarantee and top quality.

Why People Source Inc.?

The fact that differentiates People Source Inc. from its competitors is the quality professionals which we offer. Our accounting professionals have a minimum of 5years work experience and are skilled with latest accounting software. We have the technology that enables you to access your accounting books any time you want via any internet connection. So that you can have a know how of where your business stands in term of finance and accounts. And when it comes to the security and confidentiality of your accounting record, we believe in total safety and discreetness. Because People Source Inc. believes in sharing the Spirit of partners and we protect your data as you would do it yourself. Our security servers and monitoring software provide fool proof protection from any theft or leakage. So when you are with People Source Inc. you are in Safe Hands.

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