Factors That Affect The Quality of An Outsourced Call Center Services

The prime purpose of business establishing a customer support desk is to provide support to customers in solving their queries and concerns. Customer support desk call center is very crucial to the brand, as it is a place where customers call and create an image of the brand in their mind by evaluating the quality of service and support they receive.

The general trend prevalent with business is to avail outsourced call center services, as they are usually cheap compared to an in-house department. However, this cheapness of cost is not a reason to compromise on quality of service. The lines below give the factors that can affect the quality of service provided by an outsourced call center services.

outsourced call centers


The prime factor affecting the quality of service provided by outsourced call center services to the customers is technology. If the outsourced call center does not have the latest or competent technology used in its infrastructure, then the customer won’t receive good service. No customer wants a lagging voice, or poor voice quality when he or she calls the outsourced call center services. Therefore, the outsourced call center has best quality integrated in its infrastructure.

Quality of Agents:

After technology comes the quality of agents in the outsourced call center services that can affect the quality of service a customer receives. It’s the agents with whom the customer speaks, therefore, the conduct of the agents is what makes the customers happy or despise the brand. Therefore, an outsourced call center services must have agents that are professional in their attitude and deal with the customers in the most courteous manner.

Information of Product/Service:

The agents cannot satisfy a customer by speaking about irrelevant matters, rather the agents of outsourced call center services need to have sound knowledge of the product or service which the business is offering. Only with good knowledge of the product or service, can an agent satisfy the customer by resolving queries or providing information which the customer expects from an outsourced call center services.

Bottom Line:

The crux of the matter is that the customer support desk must have the best technology and professional agents with sufficient knowledge of product or service to satisfy the customer and turn a random customer into a loyal customer.


Virtual Personal Assistant Coming To The Rescue of Small Business

In this era of economic down turn, every business is looking for means to save cost. Its the saving on cost, that can help a business survive in this economic crisis along with global competition.

The economic conditions are specially hard for small businesses. Therefore, a majority of small businesses is opting for outsourcing. When it comes to outsourcing the prevalent trend is of virtual personal assistant. A virtual assistant is the one, which a small business can hire to perform the assigned tasks in the minimum cost possible.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can perform a variety of tasks for the employer, which ultimately lead to the owner saving on cost, which the owner might have otherwise paid in great amount to an in-house employee. The lines below give the tasks by performing which a virtual personal assistant rescues the small business in this economic crisis.

Data Entry:

Upon the assigning of the employer, a virtual personal assistant can perform the task of data entry. It is a trivial task, for which a small business needs an additional resource. With a virtual assistant on board, the task can be allocated to the virtual assistant who can do it with the due diligence.

Call Answering:

A virtual personal assistant can perform the task of call answering on the behalf of the employer. An owner can have the calls re-routed to the virtual assistant, and he or she could answer the calls of business and deal with the customer in the most professional manner.

Email Responding:

A virtual Personal assistant receives training about the business before performing any of the tasks. With proper knowledge of the business, a virtual assistant can effectively respond to the emails of the business in the absence of the employer.

Appointment Setting:

As the small business owners are always on the go, therefore, they need an assistant who could set their appointments. A virtual personal assistant can perform this function of appointment setting by calling the clients and asking them time for an appointment.

Bottom Line:

In short, a virtual assistant is a blessing which a small business owner could long for in these days of economic crisis. With low cost and the added value services, virtual assistance service is worth the dime for a small business owner.

A Perfect And Productive Virtual Assistant Experience

Gone are the days when an entrepreneur had to go through the daunting task of conducting interview to hire an assistant. Thanks to outsourcing companies, now a business owner can simply give a job description to the outsourcing service provider and they arrange an assistant for the employer, who works virtually.

Virtual assistant is the rising concept in outsourcing industry and is a dire necessity for small business owners. The owners of startup businesses require a helping hand, which the outsourcing companies can provide in the form of virtual assistant. However, the employer needs to be very cautious in the selection process. The lines below give the right process of hiring a virtual assistant which makes the process productive.

Virtual AssistantFinding A Virtual Assistant:

The process starts by finding a virtual assistant. The employer gives a job description to the outsourcing company and it arranges an according VA. However, the employer needs to decide the way its going to require VA services. Some of the common ways are:

Task-Based VA- Hiring a virtual assistant for specific tasks and projects, so that it does not cost employer much, and secondly whenever the project finishes the virtual assistant does not cost the employer anymore.

Part-time VA- An Assistant that performs assigned tasks on daily bases in some certain hours of the day. This option is suitable for employers who want to cope up with additional work burden.

Full-time VA- Hiring a virtual assistant to perform full time duties is the need of businesses that plan to save cost and increase productivity in a long run.

Assigning Tasks:

An employer needs to be very cautious in assigning tasks to a virtual assistant. As it is the first time both the parties are working together, and it’s the information or work of the employer that is at risk, that is why the main responsibility lies on the shoulder of employer. The steps an employer can take in this regard are:

  • Create backup of all the information on which the virtual assistant is to work.
  • Provide in detail instructions to the virtual assistant.
  • Don’t consider the VAs a replacement of one’s self.
  • Explain the time deadlines to the assistant in a clear manner.

Once the employer finds the right VA, selects the right time duration for the service, assigns the tasks in the best professional manner, then it is guaranteed that the VA experience for the employer would be next to perfect and equally productive.

Challenges Faced By Call Centers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city with great diversity. More than anything the city is the business hub of the state of California. There is a great diversity in the businesses operating in the city, therefore, with diversity, come the diverse demands of the businesses.

The major industry that caters the needs of the businesses are the call centers in Los Angeles. The call centers in the city have a tough job in satisfying the businesses, due to their diverse and increasing demands.

Call centers in Los Angeles

The primary challenge call centers in Los Angeles face is of coping up with the needs and wants of the businesses. The businesses in Los Angeles are highly demanding therefore, they want call centers in Los Angeles to perform optimally and provide a diversity of services. The businesses want an outbound telemarketing campaign that helps them in increasing sales, an inbound customer support desk that provides optimum services to the customer. All this and many more services are expected from call centers in Los Angeles. When it comes to inbound and outbound call center services, the businesses don’t compromise on quality no matter how much price they pay. Therefore, it is a very had job for call centers in Los Angeles to satisfy the businesses.

Secondly, the business in Los Angeles look for call centers on whom they can trust. Earning the trust of business is another great challenge the call centers in Los Angeles face. The call centers strive in providing best services and deal in a professional manner to earn the confidence of the business.

In short, for call centers based in Los Angeles have to strive a lot and face a lot of challenges to achieve success.

Top 5 Reasons For Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Small business owners and budding entrepreneurs are always consumed with work load and they cant find time to manage all the tasks and activities at hand. The owners would be traveling frequently, meeting prospects, working on business development and so on. In such situation, the entrepreneurs are in desperate need of a helping hand in the form of a virtual assistant that could work virtually for them.

virtual personal assistant

Virtual assistance is one of the fast trending concepts in the outsourcing industry. A virtual personal assistant brings various benefits to the small business owners and entrepreneurs. The lines below give top five reasons for hiring a virtual assistant.

1. Time Saving Option:

Having a virtual assistant that provides assistance to an entrepreneur in respective business activities saves a lot of time on part of the business owner. The entrepreneurs can have the virtual personal assistant do all the trivial tasks, while they focus on the tasks of more grave nature such as strategy development.

2. Cost Saver:

The expertise which virtual assistants have would cost a great deal of money if the assistant is to be hired in-house. Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant is a definite cost saver for small business owners, who already are short on budget.

3. Increased Productivity:

With a virtual personal assistant working for the employer, the employer can prioritize better, and select the tasks that require managerial attention, and transfer all the non-managerial tasks to the virtual assistant. With all the tasks properly prioritized, they can be effectively targeted, thus an increase in performance and productivity.

4. Employer’s Authority:

The virtual personal assistant service providers, offer full authority to the employer in assigning tasks and duties to the virtual assistant. Having a virtual assistants does not mean that the employer has no authority over the assistants, rather, it would be the same as an assistant working in-house, just with a difference of him/her working virtually.

5. Multitasking:

In majority of cases, a virtual assistant is a jack of all trades, rather than being a master of one. To name a few of the tasks a virtual personal assistant can perform for the employer are:

  • Email responding
  • Mail management
  • Call answering
  • Appointment setting
  • Calendar management
  • Travel arrangements

The above mentioned are only a few of the multi-tasks a virtual assistant can perform for the employer. Thus, in the cost of one, the employer gets a multitasking professional.

Tips For Weighing an Outsourced Inbound Call Center

Besides other several reasons, the major reason why businesses outsource their inbound call centers is that, primarily it is not core competency of the business, and secondly, with competent outsourced call centers in the market, a business tends to invest in them to receive high quality services.

There are several crucial factors a business needs to consider before opting for outsourced inbound call center service provider. A business must not blindly opt for any of the outsourced call center services; rather it should weigh the call center at different levels.

outsourced call center services

The prime objective of a business pertaining to the services of outsourced inbound call center should be the high level of professionalism. Therefore, a business needs to firstly inquire about the professional competency of the outsourced call centers. If the agents of the call center have the desired level of expertise, then a business should opt for the call center; otherwise, reject it no matter how low the cost be.

Secondly, a business should be sensible enough to differentiate a too good to be true outsourced inbound call center from the viable and realistic outsourced call centers. The call centers that offer services way far than what is offered in the market are to be strictly avoided.

Third and most important factor a business needs to consider while selecting outsourced inbound call center is the price. The prices vary from per minute to a dedicated agent in the outsourced call centers. A business needs to select the type of cost plan that suits the needs and requirements of the business, and not to spend lavishly.

Selection of outsourced inbound call center needs to be dealt with care and after proper weighing of all outsourced call centers available.

Reasons For Selecting Outsourced Call Centers for Lead Generation

Contact or call center is one of the best ways of generating leads, besides the traditional advertising and marketing tactics. However, some of the businesses commit the mistake of making their sales team do the job of outsourced call centers.

Using sales department for leads qualifying is an under-utilization of resources. The best way is to avail the services of outsourced call centers to qualify a lead, and then transfer it to the sales department for closing. There are several reasons why you should opt for an outsourced inbound call center over letting an in-house sales team generate the leads.

outsourced call centers Availability:

It is one of the primary reasons that a business should go for outsourced call centers for lead generation. The in-house sales staff would usually leave the office when the timing is over. A business needs a team to generate leads in after work hours as well as on the weekends. Therefore, having the lead generation process outsourced to a call center ensures that the team is always available for lead generation.

Rapid Response:

The more quickly a customer receives the solution to a query, the greater are the chances of prospect turning into a customer. The experienced professionals of an outsourced inbound call center cater and engage the customer in a manner that the prospect consequently moves up in the sales funnel and turns into a lead.


The addition of agents as per campaign requirement in a cost effective manner is another benefit of availing the services of outsourced call centers. If you need to generate maximum leads, then you can easily increase the number of agents, and decrease it once the set target has been achieved. On the other hand, the addition or removal of agents in an in-house sales team is quite difficult.

Outsourced call center servicesConsistency:

The outsourced call centers can provide you with a template that provides response to all the queries and concerns of the prospects. Therefore, when you require a consistency in the lead generation number, then a professional outsourced inbound call center or an outbound call center can help you achieve your desired target consistently. With sales team working on different tasks at the same time, the consistency fluctuates, which a business never wants.


The in-house sales team is only concerned with closing the sales only. The team of outsourced call centers can perform the additional function of following up with the customers as well. So that the customer remains satisfied serves as a medium for word of mouth promotion.

In a nutshell, the wise and smart choice for a business is to go for outsourced call centers to get the job done effectively, instead of overburdening the in-house sales team that may affect the performance.

Tips For Getting The Work Done From Virtual Assistant

Hiring the right virtual assistant to perform your tasks and duties is a job half done. The real job is to get the work done from a VA. It is an art to get the job done from VA, therefore it is of utmost importance for a employer to know that how can he/she have the work done from a virtual personal assistant.

virtual personal assistantThe biggest difficulty that comes is in assigning the first task to your VA. You have not had any interaction with the VA before, and the VA also has no idea of the way you are used to of working. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when assigning the first task to your virtual assistant.

The lines below give a few tips for getting the first task done from a virtual personal assistant.

Create Backup- Before you are to assign any technical task to your virtual personal assistant make sure that you have created a backup of all your files. There are chances that the VA would take time to meet your expected level, therefore creating a backup is always a wise choice.

Detailed Instructions- To get the job done in the given timeframe you must provide the virtual assistant with detailed description and instructions of all the sub tasks.

Assuming VA is Not you- The major reason why employer fails to get the work done from a virtual personal assistant is that the employer thinks of the VA as another himself. The rational approach is to deal with virtual assistants on their level and not expect them to be at your level.

Getting the job done from a VA assistant is an art that an employer must master to get the value for the money invested.

Factors to Consider When You Outsource Inbound Customer Support Desk Process

Inbound customer support desk is one of the crucial and most important departments of any product or service oriented business. It is the department where the customers call and ask for solutions for their queries and problems. The performance of an inbound customer support desk directly affects the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, most of the businesses outsource inbound customer support desk process to professional outsourcing companies.outsourced call centers

However, a business should not outwardly outsource its help desk customer support to any outsourcing company that offers cheap rates. The cheap rates can turn out very costly when measured in terms of business losing customers in a long run. Therefore, a business must consider the below mentioned factors when thinking to outsource inbound customer support desk activities.

Portfolio of The Provider:

The first and most important thing is that the business must check the portfolio of the call center services provider. In the portfolio, the business must check the kind of support the company has provided in the past, what kind of customer magnitude the company dealt with in addition to the target audience.

Kinds of Services Provided:

The second thing a business must consider is the variety of services the outsourcing company provides pertaining to inbound call center. There are chances that a business might further outsource its other processes like

  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Answering service
  • Chat support

Therefore, you must consider the variety in the service provided by the outsourcing company in addition to outsourcing inbound customer support desk service.

Quality of Professionals:

Only quality professionals can provide the level of satisfaction a customer desires. Before outsourcing your help desk support examine the kind of professionals the outsourcing company has on its payroll, which may include the previous experience they have, the proficiency in language, the accent and so on. Only go for the company that offers the best employees.

Summarizing all above, you don’t need to outsource inbound customer support desk process to outsourced call centers that provide you with the best quotes; rather you must consider the above-mentioned factors as well before outsourcing your process.

Virtual Assistant A Helping Hand Every Entrepreneur Requires

Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business always face the problem of managing the work load. The meetings with new clients, overseeing the promotional work, setting appointments with existing clients, all of them make the job of an entrepreneur harder. In such a situation, what an entrepreneur needs most is a helping hand. The best example of such helping hand comes in the form of a Virtual Assistant.virtual personal assistant

The concept of virtual assistance takes its roots from the phenomena of outsourcing. There are many outsourcing companies that provide virtual assistant services. However, the issue with entrepreneur, and most of the small business owners is that they are not willing to trust their business information and crucial business intelligence with a worker working in some country far off in the world.

The lines below will give you information that will help you in building trust in virtual assistants, along with the salient functions a virtual assistant can perform as your helping hand.

Reasons for Trusting Virtual Agents:

The level of trust you develop for a virtual assistant depends upon the company from which you are going to receive the service. If the company is well reputed then you won’t face any problems with the virtual assistance service. The traits of virtual agents of a reputed outsourcing company are:

  • The virtual assistants of a reputed outsourcing company have very good American English, and they can communicate effectively.
  • The virtual assistants are extremely loyal and friendly. Furthermore, you can always monitor their performance and keep an eye on them.
  • A virtual assistant from a reputed company will have the desired level of skills you require. In better companies, the virtual agents have degrees in their respective discipline, which helps them in performing the job in a better way.

Tasks Performed By a Virtual Assistant:

The lines below give a few major duties a virtual agent can perform for an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

Managing Email:

Although it seems very trivial task, but managing your emails can take a lot of your energy and time. You use emails to target new customers, in addition to responding to emails of existing partners. The time you spend in managing your emails can be spent on developing strategies, or working on creation of something new.

A virtual agent can help you a great deal in this regard. A virtual personal assistant understands your business and the specific way in which you communicate. Thus, a virtual agent can target new customers by email marketing, further to responding the emails of existing clients while you focus your attention to important matters.

Managing Calendar:

In case you are on a business tour and doing frequent traveling, you need a person who is setting your appointments and managing all your calendar entries. Doing all this yourself can make things more confusing for you.

A virtual assistant in this case can diligently perform the duty of managing all your calendar entries and setting your appointments accordingly.

Phone Calls:

Managing your phone calls is another function, which a virtual assistant can perform for you. A virtual agent can perform the function of answering the calls you receive, in addition to making calls to other people on your behalf so you don’t need to be on the phone all the time, making the job much easy for you.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, a virtual assistant is an affordable, competent, and burden sharing hand an entrepreneur can make use of. By performing the core activities, a virtual agent makes the job much easy for a small business owner, who can focus energies towards matter of strategic importance.