Are Developed Countries Losing Jobs?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the argument that overseas goods are flooding the US market and that is why American jobs are going by the wayside – citizens buy imported products.

I used to believe that. I ask you to shift your mindset.

Firstly, overseas goods are not flooding the US market. Merchandise all over the world can be purchased from those locations at better prices. Circulating American dollars enhances their standards of living and creates the opportunity to purchase other products and services.

Although these perks in the marketplace might be disastrous for an entrepreneur who competes against Chinese products, the overall effect is a higher standard of living for everyone.

The funny thing is, this is not a new standard. It’s basic Economics 101. One main reason the United States remains the food basket of the world is that farmers can effectively and efficiently farm large swaths of land with sophisticated farming equipment which requires few labor resources.

For example: American companies John Deere and Caterpillar export their machines to international markets. Those markets gain impact costs? which in turn allows Caterpillar and John Deere to provide jobs in the United States.

Companies who profit from these systems recognize and quickly integrate these ideas into their business practices.

Sitting back in a comfy office chair and complaining about worldwide business changes isn’t going to stop it from happening. What will happen is that the complainer is wasting valuable, quick-moving time criticizing, not capitalizing. The competition will seize the chance and surpass those who sit idly by.

Change is inevitable.

Being flexible and able to adjust will be the difference between success and failure.

Quite often I hear small businesses owners say, “Oh, I would never integrate overseas labor into my business.”

That attitude is fine.

However, there will be a hefty cost. Understanding the ground-breaking process of building virtual teams and making it work empowers savvy and flexible business owners to grow and compete on an international playing field.

This new way of doing business has opened the door for new companies and marketing trends to emerge into the forefront of today’s global economy. Few people could have imagined such a thing a few years ago.

Jobs are more accessible today as technology moves ahead at an ever-increasing pace and communication platforms become affordable to most. Technology and communication have merged to create a global workforce in a virtual, shared way. These resources can now be used in nearly every aspect of our lives.

This is an exciting time.

At this point in history there is a wave emerging — creative and resourceful entrepreneurs are combining their skills and strengths; this creates effective and efficient work environments which propel businesses forward.

This idea may seem inconceivable to you.
However, the truth is that today you can have a highly-skilled college graduate work in your company for less than minimum wage.

The entrepreneur who truly understands their own needs in the business world and uses today’s outsourcing providers can build a highly-skilled work force ready to compete on any international marketplace stage.

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