Is Your Business Systemized?

It’s critical to have some type of soft-interface to communicate with your virtual team. We use a software called Sales Stream specifically for telecom, there are many other systemized tools out there, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, TeamPM, the functionalities of the systems will vary and should depend upon what your specific needs are. The important thing is to develop a system of communication with your team, or have someone help you implement one if you don’t have one already.

We use a variety of tools: video cameras on our phone system, PCs and in the offices. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and project management tools, we use Infusionsoft in our office. We have many tools and systems in place because it helps keep everything accounted for and organized.

In the case of redundancy, make sure that you have emergency plans in place. If there is a failure, backup capacity allows you to continue operating. Even if production is at 50 percent, it’s 100 times better than being completely down.

We have multiple redundancy pathways in place, yet there are still times we get caught flat-footed. The unthinkable takes place and there you are. Make sure that you have other suppliers in place to handle extra work that you can offload to until you get back to 100 percent. The last thing you want to happen is for any disorganization to filter into your clientele business or lifestyle, depending upon the clientele you serve.

Nothing will cost your business faster than an inability to supply your customers with what you promised. This can be a hard, expensive lesson to learn. Be proactive and look at all the systems you have in place and ask yourself, What is the cost to build a system that won’t work?

Start with making a list of similar businesses that you can offload work to on a short-term basis while you work on your own infrastructure. Are there multiple pathways into your building if you lose Internet connectivity? If your building floods, is there a system in place to send people home and work as efficiently as they do in their offices? These are a few contingency plans that should be put into place.

Let’s take a look at other steps and aspects of building a virtual team.

First and foremost, if you walk away with one thing after you’ve read this, it should be the importance of changing your job title. Examine the way that are currently doing business, if you have a failure is there a contingency plan in place. Furthermore if that contingency plan fails is there a redundant contingency plan in place. A well-designed plan should have a minimum of two consecutive failures and still be able to maintain operations. The old adage applies here of Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” And I think is most of us can attest to, system failures often do create other failures. That’s why it’s critical word ever possible to have multiple redundancy plans in place.

Creating the Entrepreneurial Virtual Workforce

Twentieth century small American businesses didn’t have as many options to look for competitive market resources. As a result, they relied on relatively cheap labor.

However in the 21st century, “virtual teams” have made it possible for entrepreneurs to take full advantage of labor resources around the globe.

To take it a step further, the quest of cheap labor is mandatory for a successful business whether it is located in emerging markets or first-world countries.

Here is the underlying truth for all businesses: paying the lowest cost for labor will boost the overall top-line and bottom line growth. In our contemporary era, this is called outsourcing, or creating virtual teams.

There is nothing futuristic today about what is now a basic commodity — the Internet.  It is a gateway that has fully opened up the world in the last 20 years more than Christopher Columbus could have ever imagined when he discovered a new realm.

Business is no longer limited to the free trade concept. It is now a labor trade concept. Everyone who engages in and interacts with the outsourcing market gives themselves originality and the ability to compete for jobs, money and security on a level that was not even dreamed of 20 or 30 years ago.

Because of the Internet, companies around the world can grow rapidly. CEOs and managers will  pay less for labor without the worry of over-hiring or over-paying someone to sit in their office for a simple job that someone on  the other side of the world can do just as well for half or less of the paycheck.

Outsourcing gives companies financial freedom and reduces the cost of hiring a permanent employee. It gives employers freedom to peruse and browse a broader pool of qualified workers who will do the same task for less money — especially quarterly or annually. It allows for a greater top and bottom line number.

In this contemporary, networkable, computer-age working environment, people are no longer restricted by geographic location. Businesses are located anywhere. Entrepreneurs can simply search for and find staff anywhere via outsourcing. Necessary tasks can be given to anyone, anywhere who has a computer or tablet and access to an Internet connection.

If you’re not taking advantage of this new way of doing business by hiring outsourced work, why? Do you consider yourself ahead of the curve or behind it?

In my opinion, the clear answer is that you are behind the curve.


Advantages A Good Outsourcing Company Can Bring Pertaining to Human Resource

The tough economic conditions of this era have made life harder for small businesses. Large corporations have the capital and resources that help them lead the market, on the other hand, small businesses have limited budget, and very few resources.

This ongoing situation of small businesses has given rise to the concept of outsourcing, where the business can hire a consulting firm, which will have the expertise to carry out the process of business off shore.  A good outsourcing company can provide many benefits to a small business, like low cost, no capital investment and saves the business from the trouble of constant monitoring. However, the greatest fruit of a good outsourcing company comes in the form of quality human resource.

In regards to human resource, a good outsourcing company will offer the following advantages:


Large corporations can afford to outsource whole of their processes, however, small businesses have small job descriptions, and therefore, they need employees that can fit in those descriptions. The solution of this problem is the new concept of outsourcing called “Virtual Assistant”.

A small business provides the outsourcing company with a job description, the company then finds the best suitable candidate for the job, and have the employer interview the candidate. After the interview, the employer can hire a dedicated employee to carry on the assigned tasks.

A good outsourcing company is rich in quality human resource. No matter whatever job description is provided by the client, they find a match for it. All this activity, takes the burden off from the employer, giving the employer time and space to emphasis on strategic matters.

Employee Retention:

A reputed outsourcing company comprises of excellent management. Once in contract with an outsourcing company, the employer needs not to worry about the retention of employees. It would be the job of outsourcing company to retain employees, for which the company can devise effective strategies. No matter whatever the situation be, an outsourcing company does not let the employer worry about the retention of employees.

Quality Human Resource:

The primary reason for availing the services of an outsourcing company is to get hold of quality human resource. The thing a business owner should be careful about is that, not every outsourcing company provides quality human resource, most even hide the true nature of the employees from the employers.

Only a good outsourcing company would be transparent in its procedures and provide the employer with true potential of the human resource. The employees of a good outsourcing company are expert in their field, with plenty of experience backing them up. Therefore, when a business outsources to a competent outsourcing company, it is assured that quality human resource would be carrying the process of the business, which ultimately would result in greater productivity for the business.

Bottom Line:

In short, a business before outsourcing any process, needs not to select any random outsourcing company, rather it should look for a good outsourcing company that provides, quality human resource, hires professionals, and does the best to retain them.

Increasing Leads By Availing Outbound Telemarketing Services

A business needs customers to make profit and survive in the market. There are different ways by which a business attracts customers towards itself. A business can opt for traditional TV and newspaper ads, or can opt for search engine marketing. However, at this point of time, telemarketing remains the leader when it comes to lead generation.

For targeting customers via outbound telemarketing, the general trend with businesses is to avail outbound telemarketing services. Such service provider can help a great deal in improving the number of leads a business generates and ultimately the number of sales increases. The lines below give a detail of how outbound telemarketing services providers can help improve leads generation.

Script Writing:

The quality of script directly affects the outcomes of an outbound telemarketing campaign. The outbound telemarketing campaigns have expertise in writing persuasive script upon the demand of the client. The script provided by outbound telemarketing services provider is most apt for the outbound telemarketing campaign of the business and it definitely helps increase the leads.

Round The Clock Service:

Due to the time zone difference, a business needs an outbound telemarketing campaign that can dial at different hours of the day. Outbound telemarketing services providers with their extended setup allow the business to run their outbound telemarketing campaign in different hours of the day. The more dialing is done, more are the chances of increasing lead. Thus, outbound telemarketing services providers with their availability help increase the productivity of outbound telemarketing campaign.

Quality Professionals:

The quality of professionals in an outbound telemarketing campaign is directly proportional to the success of the campaign. An outbound telemarketing services providers hires quality professionals, who with their vast experience, convinces the prospects into making purchase related decisions, thus increasing the leads of the business.


In short, availing outsource services for outbound telemarketing helps a business increase its leads, where the service provider applies a combination of full time availability, quality professionals and persuasive script.

The Objectives A Business Associates With An Outsourced Call Center

There are numerous objectives, which a business can associate with any of its processes. The approach of a business becomes more objective oriented when a business opts for a service provider. The only reason a business avails the service of a service provider is that it wishes to achieve some objectives with the help of the call center.

With an outsourced call center, there are several objectives, which a business can associate. A business can expect from it to assist in its growth, help retain its share in the market and build strong relationships with other businesses of the industry. The lines below explain how an outsourced call center can help a business achieve all these objectives.


The primary objective of a business growth can be achieved with the help of outbound telemarketing campaign set by an outsourced call center. The call center service providers by hiring experienced agents, attaining the right target audience list and deploying best technology in their operations ensure that more and more customers enter the circle of the business and it grows.


The objective of retaining the present market share is achieved with the help an inbound customer support campaign run by an outsourced call center. In such a campaign the outsourced call center has expert agents who have all the detailed knowledge about the product or service of the business. Therefore, when a customer calls the call center he or she hangs-up the call they are satisfied and happy with the business.

Relationship Building:

The third objective of building relationship with other businesses of the industry is achieved when an outsourced call center sets up a B2B appointment setting campaign for the business. In such a campaign, an outsourced call center helps a business set appointments for further partnering and venture initiation with other relevant businesses, thus leading to a strong foundation for the business in the market.

Bottom line:

In short, if a business wishes to increase its pace of growth, retain its market share at the same state at present, and wants to build relationship with other businesses, then it needs to hire a call center service provider to achieve all these objectives.

Things To Remember While Getting In Contract With An Outsourced Call Center

For the success of a venture, it is extremely important that the parties involved in the venture are at the same page pertaining to expectations, objectives, and performance parameters. Therefore, it is important for a business to clearly state its objectives when entering a contract with a service provider.outsourced call center

When it comes to getting in contract with an outsourced call center, there are a few things that a business needs to keep in mind. The lines below give the major factors a business should consider in an outsourced call center before signing a contract.


The first thing to consider before entering a contract with outsourced call center is to analyze and review the kind of agents the outsourced call center has onboard. The business should arrange mock call sessions to assess and analyze the caliber of the agents of the outsourced call center. Once assured, then the business should consider signing the contract.


In the contract as well as before the contract a business should give proper consideration to the factor of scalability. The outsourced call center must be able to facilitate the business in terms of increase or decrease in the number of seats and agents. Not having scalability as a clause in the contract can make things difficult for both the parties during the course of venture.

Guarantee on Quality:

The third factor a business needs to make sure before signing a contract with an outsourced call center is the guarantee on quality of service. The business should provide the outsourced call center with the objectives it wants achieved, and the performance standards it wants met. The job of an outsourced call center is to comply with all the requirements of the business and make sure that all the quality standards are being met for a successful venture.

Bottom Line:

In short, a business needs to make sure that it has properly assessed the caliber of agents of the call center, the scalability capacity of  call center and the guarantee of service it provides before moving on an signing the contract.

The Reasons Behind The Success of Outsourced Call Centers

The call center outsourcing industry is prospering since the past decade and the outsourcing businesses have witnessed a rapid growth in their business after the economic recession. There is a palathora or reasons why the call center outsourcing industry is experiencing such prosperity.

There are several reasons, which make outsourced call centers an attractive option for the business. The lines below discuss the jewels of outsourced call centers that attract the attention of the business.outsourced call centers

Low Cost:

The primary reason that makes the outsourced call centers so successful is their provision of service at a very low cost to the business. In these days of recession, a business would get any chance that helps it save cost. Therefore, when a business sees the outsourced call centers offering services at such a low cost compared to on-shore cost then it grabs the opportunity, which ultimately is the success of the call center provider.

Quality Human Resource:

Secondly, the quality of human resource in terms of the call center agents, which the outsourced call centers carry, is a great reason for the success of outsourced call center. As the call center service providers are professionals, therefore they hire professional agents with experience so that the business receives quality service, and in return, the call center gathers greater business.

Diversity in Service:

The other reason why businesses opt for outsourced call centers is that they offer great diversity in their services. An outsourced call center does not only provide telemarketing, rather they offer all sorts of inbound customer support services as well. Thus with the diversity in their offerings the outsourced call centers turn out to be a great option for business.


In short, the diversity in the offerings, the quality of human resource, and the low cost make the call center services provider a worth opting option for business. The more businesses opt for a call center services provider, the more success for the service provider.

Factors That Affect The Quality of An Outsourced Call Center Services

The prime purpose of business establishing a customer support desk is to provide support to customers in solving their queries and concerns. Customer support desk call center is very crucial to the brand, as it is a place where customers call and create an image of the brand in their mind by evaluating the quality of service and support they receive.

The general trend prevalent with business is to avail outsourced call center services, as they are usually cheap compared to an in-house department. However, this cheapness of cost is not a reason to compromise on quality of service. The lines below give the factors that can affect the quality of service provided by an outsourced call center services.

outsourced call centers


The prime factor affecting the quality of service provided by outsourced call center services to the customers is technology. If the outsourced call center does not have the latest or competent technology used in its infrastructure, then the customer won’t receive good service. No customer wants a lagging voice, or poor voice quality when he or she calls the outsourced call center services. Therefore, the outsourced call center has best quality integrated in its infrastructure.

Quality of Agents:

After technology comes the quality of agents in the outsourced call center services that can affect the quality of service a customer receives. It’s the agents with whom the customer speaks, therefore, the conduct of the agents is what makes the customers happy or despise the brand. Therefore, an outsourced call center services must have agents that are professional in their attitude and deal with the customers in the most courteous manner.

Information of Product/Service:

The agents cannot satisfy a customer by speaking about irrelevant matters, rather the agents of outsourced call center services need to have sound knowledge of the product or service which the business is offering. Only with good knowledge of the product or service, can an agent satisfy the customer by resolving queries or providing information which the customer expects from an outsourced call center services.

Bottom Line:

The crux of the matter is that the customer support desk must have the best technology and professional agents with sufficient knowledge of product or service to satisfy the customer and turn a random customer into a loyal customer.


Tips For Weighing an Outsourced Inbound Call Center

Besides other several reasons, the major reason why businesses outsource their inbound call centers is that, primarily it is not core competency of the business, and secondly, with competent outsourced call centers in the market, a business tends to invest in them to receive high quality services.

There are several crucial factors a business needs to consider before opting for outsourced inbound call center service provider. A business must not blindly opt for any of the outsourced call center services; rather it should weigh the call center at different levels.

outsourced call center services

The prime objective of a business pertaining to the services of outsourced inbound call center should be the high level of professionalism. Therefore, a business needs to firstly inquire about the professional competency of the outsourced call centers. If the agents of the call center have the desired level of expertise, then a business should opt for the call center; otherwise, reject it no matter how low the cost be.

Secondly, a business should be sensible enough to differentiate a too good to be true outsourced inbound call center from the viable and realistic outsourced call centers. The call centers that offer services way far than what is offered in the market are to be strictly avoided.

Third and most important factor a business needs to consider while selecting outsourced inbound call center is the price. The prices vary from per minute to a dedicated agent in the outsourced call centers. A business needs to select the type of cost plan that suits the needs and requirements of the business, and not to spend lavishly.

Selection of outsourced inbound call center needs to be dealt with care and after proper weighing of all outsourced call centers available.

Reasons For Selecting Outsourced Call Centers for Lead Generation

Contact or call center is one of the best ways of generating leads, besides the traditional advertising and marketing tactics. However, some of the businesses commit the mistake of making their sales team do the job of outsourced call centers.

Using sales department for leads qualifying is an under-utilization of resources. The best way is to avail the services of outsourced call centers to qualify a lead, and then transfer it to the sales department for closing. There are several reasons why you should opt for an outsourced inbound call center over letting an in-house sales team generate the leads.

outsourced call centers Availability:

It is one of the primary reasons that a business should go for outsourced call centers for lead generation. The in-house sales staff would usually leave the office when the timing is over. A business needs a team to generate leads in after work hours as well as on the weekends. Therefore, having the lead generation process outsourced to a call center ensures that the team is always available for lead generation.

Rapid Response:

The more quickly a customer receives the solution to a query, the greater are the chances of prospect turning into a customer. The experienced professionals of an outsourced inbound call center cater and engage the customer in a manner that the prospect consequently moves up in the sales funnel and turns into a lead.


The addition of agents as per campaign requirement in a cost effective manner is another benefit of availing the services of outsourced call centers. If you need to generate maximum leads, then you can easily increase the number of agents, and decrease it once the set target has been achieved. On the other hand, the addition or removal of agents in an in-house sales team is quite difficult.

Outsourced call center servicesConsistency:

The outsourced call centers can provide you with a template that provides response to all the queries and concerns of the prospects. Therefore, when you require a consistency in the lead generation number, then a professional outsourced inbound call center or an outbound call center can help you achieve your desired target consistently. With sales team working on different tasks at the same time, the consistency fluctuates, which a business never wants.


The in-house sales team is only concerned with closing the sales only. The team of outsourced call centers can perform the additional function of following up with the customers as well. So that the customer remains satisfied serves as a medium for word of mouth promotion.

In a nutshell, the wise and smart choice for a business is to go for outsourced call centers to get the job done effectively, instead of overburdening the in-house sales team that may affect the performance.