The Must-Have Contact Center Technologies

A contact center, which is normally referred to as the e-contact or customer-interaction center is the nerve of your business communication or customer interaction. It is the central point in any given enterprise from where all the business’ customer contacts are managed.

An enterprise’s contact center typically comprises of one or more virtual call hubs. They may however include other forms of customer contact details as well. These details may include email newsletters, Web site chats and inquiries, postal mail directories and a collection of customer information put together during in-store purchasing. Normally, this center makes part of the general customer relationship management (CRM) of an enterprise. Regardless of the nature of your business, here are some technologies that make your contact center live to its task.

The Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

An automatic call distributor (ACD) or dialer is something that every call center should have. It will help manage all incoming calls to the call center and route them out to the right party basing on some handling instructions that are pre-established in the system. Most of these ACDs or dialers have skill-based routing technology which directs calls to the appropriate agent at the call center based on their skillset.

Email response management software

Emails are an important and common means through which every organization communicates with not just the customers but all stakeholders as well. The email response management software will automatically handle the enterprise’s emails based on user-defined rules. This email software is currently used by different call centers to manage enormous volumes of mails. The software can track and record the status of every email message and even a follow-up message. Email response management software is often used also to provide automated responses to different incoming mails guided by similar email responses from the past.

Campaign Management

This contact management technology is used in the call center to let the dialer know who is supposed to be contacted. With that information, it produces a list of telephone numbers or enables the dialer to create a list of email contacts. If you have a more advanced campaign management solution then it will also show you the response activities for each customer.

Call recording solution

The call recording is often required in the call center industry to keep a record of call interactions for use in the future should need arise for the same. Call records can always be required for legal matters or as evidence of interaction that has taken place before. The needs for call recording may differ from agency to agency or with circumstances. The technology will capture all interactions that can later be replayed if necessary. These call recording solutions may capture only the call, or may add in other related screens along.


At times you may not require a live agent for communication interactions regardless of the business or industry being served. These are common interactions requiring certain specific responses, and that is where the interactive voice response solution comes in. In addition, the contemporary increasingly mobile consumer is more interested in the ability to handle their own interactions, which makes the IVR an indispensable solution. The interactive voice response (IVR) technology enables self-service and lessens the organization’s cost of operation.

Quality Management Solution

This solution provides the management with the needed insight into performance and interactions that involve service to the customers. Organizations must be so concerned with the way they (their staff) interact with customers since that will determine the overall performance of the organization and the image the public will attach to them. Call center agents are supposed to adhere to particular procedures and policies within the organization and the quality management solution makes this much effective.

The News – Alert (CTI)

With the Computer telephony integration or news alert, the call agents no longer have to spend time looking through customer directory for customer information. Neither do the customers have to provide pertinent information any more at multiple stages of the call. This advanced call center technology links up the ACD and the CMS app to deliver a screen pop up with the basic needed detail.

Outsourcing Can Help Maximize the Cash Flow of A Business

In the tough economic conditions of today, every business, especially small businesses look to maximize their cash flow. In layman terms, cash flow is a measure of financial health of a company. Meaning that how much cash a company receives minus how much cash the company pays, in the form of depreciation, amortization, and depletion.

Businesses tend to minimize their cash out flow and increase their cash inflow to maximize their overall financial health. Outsourcing comes to the rescue of businesses suffering from cash flow problems and helps them increase their cash inflow in addition to minimizing there cash out flow.

Small businesses can reap great benefits from outsourcing in terms of maximizing their cash flow. The ways in which outsourcing can help maximize the cash flow are discussed below.

  • When a business outsources one of its processes besides outsourcing the intellectual process the business saves on cost that would be spent on building infrastructure. Meaning that the cash that could have been paid on establishment of infrastructure, and then on its maintenance is saved, resulting in a decrease in the cash payable of the business. When the cash outflow is minimized it ultimately leads to maximization in company’s financial health.
  • When a business outsources its process or processes, they are usually outsourced to a location where the cost of labor is cheap and is more value driven. The same human resource on shore would cost business to pay substantially more cash compared to what a business would pay to an outsourcing company. Thus resulting in a decrease in cash out flow, consequently a better health of company financials.
  • The third scenario in which outsourcing can help business maximize its cash flow is in terms of the quality of product or services offered.  The outsourcing companies specialize in the services they offer, therefore when a business outsources one of its processes to a good outsourcing company, the experts at the company make sure that the customers are satisfied and more the customers are satisfied, more revenue would the business generate, resulting in a higher cash inflow.
  • Capital expenditure is a definite saving in case of outsourcing. Like if a business needs a telemarketing team on shore, it needs to have an infrastructure, hire employees, buy equipment, all of which would require capital. On the other hand, if the business decides to outsource the same process, it wont need to spend a dime in capital, all of the hiring and infrastructure will be managed by the outsourcing company, thus resulting in the business having more cash at hand, and an improved financial condition.

In a nutshell, small businesses that are already short on cash, and need to minimize their cash outflow, should turn towards outsourcing, to maximize their companies over all financial health.

Role of Outbound Telemarketing Services in Prosperity Of A Business

For a business, a telemarketing campaign carries various fruits that can help a business achieve prosperity and growth. The purpose of a telemarketing campaign is to help a business set the platform for the launch of a prospering future.

A business can avail outbound telemarketing services to ensure its prosperity and growth. All the offerings of an outbound telemarketing services provider are directed towards the objective of achieving growth and prosperity. The lines below give different outbound telemarketing services helping in business growth.

Sales & Leads Generation:

For a business to break its stagnancy and continue on more business, it is imperative that the business generates leads and sales. The outbound telemarketing services provider by designing a business specific campaign can help increase the sales and leads of a business that consequently guarantees the prosperity and growth of the business in the long run.

B2B Appointment Setting:

To survive in the long run and to grow, a business needs to build healthy relationships with other businesses in the industry. For this very purpose, an outbound telemarketing services provider can help set a B2B appointment setting campaign, where the agents of the call center would set appointments with the respective target businesses. The representatives of the business can then show up on the appointments set by an outbound telemarketing services provider and close them as a sale.

Marketing Research:

In order to develop the best marketing strategy a business needs to have the best information and data. An outbound telemarketing services provider can help a business get the real market data by making calls to the customers and surveying the market on the phone. This helps a business lay the foundation for a more apt and effective marketing strategy.

Bottom Line:

In short, a business can take great advantage by setting up a telemarketing campaign. Moreover, pertaining to effectiveness of the campaign and its assistance in growth a business needs to rely on professional telemarketing services providers only.

The Kind Of Outbound Telemarketing Services A Business Can Avail

The selection of a service provider depends upon the need of a business. A business weighs and selects a service provider on the basis of the quality it can offer and how it can meet the demands of the business. Moreover, diversity in the offerings of the service provider is another factor that attracts the attention of the business.

When it comes to diversity in offerings, the best option that comes to the mind of a business is of outbound telemarketing services provider. An outbound telemarketing services provider comes with great diversity in its offerings. Some of the major offerings of an outsourced telemarketing call center pertaining to different business needs are given below.

Leads Generation:

The first and primary service offered by an outbound telemarketing services provider is of leads generation. In this type of service, the agents of the outbound telemarketing services provider call the potential prospects of the business and try to convince them to consider the offerings of the business.

Sales Generation:

An outbound telemarketing services provider can also offer the service of sales generation. In this kind of service, the outbound telemarketing services provider takes over the already generated leads and has its best agent talk to the willing prospects and convince them in becoming a customer of the business by presenting the offerings of the business in an attractive manner.

B2B Appointment Setting:

The third type of service most of the outbound telemarketing services providers offer to a business is B2B appointment setting. This is a kind of service, where an outbound telemarketing services provider helps businesses to collaborate with other businesses of the industry by setting quality appointments between the two parties. Appointment setting helps a business to speak with other willing businesses without wasting any time on finding the businesses and making them willing to hear the business out.

Bottom Line:

In short, leads generation, sales generation and setting of B2B appointments are the kinds of services a telemarketing service provider offers to business, which a business can avail depend upon its needs and objectives.

Outbound Telemarketing Services Going Abreast With Business Affluence

Every business enters the market with the intention of becoming a market leader. To become a market leader, the business needs to survive in the market for a longer period. The longer the business survives in the market, the more prosperous it gets and countless fruits follow.

One of the tactics used by businesses for growth is the availing of outbound telemarketing services. The outbound telemarketing services provider directly influences the prosperity of the business. The lines below explain how a telemarketing service provider can help the business survive long.

outbound telemarketing services

The outbound telemarketing services provider can help the business grow in a long run by providing sales and leads generation services. The survival of the business depends upon the growth in customer number, if the growth in customer ceases the business with automatically die sooner or later. Therefore, with competent professionals and a technology that makes the user make a decision about the business offerings, the outbound telemarketing services provider ensures long term growth of the business.

Businesses beside targeting the end consumers, also need to venture with other businesses and make business to business sales in order to ensure that they have good relationships with other businesses in the industry, and their clients help them find new business. The professionals at outbound telemarketing services provider can help make the business ventures possible by making the convincing other businesses to listen to the business proposal.

In short, by increasing customer share both in terms of consumers and business to business ventures a telemarketing service provider can help business prosper.

Availing Outbound Telemarketing Services To Increase The Leads

A business needs customers to make profit and survive in the market. There are different ways by which a business attracts customers towards itself. A business can opt for traditional TV and newspaper ads, or can opt for search engine marketing. However, at this point of time, telemarketing remains the leader when it comes to lead generation.outbound telemarketing services

For targeting customers via outbound telemarketing, the general trend with businesses is to avail outbound telemarketing services. Such service provider can help a great deal in improving the number of leads a business generates and ultimately the number of sales increases. The lines below give a detail of how outbound telemarketing services providers can help improve leads generation.

Quality Professionals:

The quality of professionals in an outbound telemarketing campaign is directly proportional to the success of the campaign. An outbound telemarketing services providers hires quality professionals, who with their vast experience, convinces the prospects into making purchase related decisions, thus increasing the leads of the business.

Round The Clock Service:

Due to the time zone difference, a business needs an outbound telemarketing campaign that can dial at different hours of the day. Outbound telemarketing services providers with their extended setup allow the business to run their outbound telemarketing campaign in different hours of the day. The more dialing is done; more are the chances of increasing lead. Thus, outbound telemarketing services providers with their availability help increase the productivity of outbound telemarketing campaign.

Script Writing:

The quality of script directly affects the outcomes of an outbound telemarketing campaign. The outbound telemarketing campaigns have expertise in writing persuasive script upon the demand of the client. The script provided by outbound telemarketing services provider is most apt for the outbound telemarketing campaign of the business and it definitely helps increase the leads.


In short, availing outsource services for outbound telemarketing services helps a business increase its leads, where the service provider applies a combination of full time availability, quality professionals and persuasive script.