The Three Step Process of Delegation of Authority To A Virtual Personal Assistant

When a business hires an employee, one of the biggest problems an employer faces is of delegation of authority to the employees. The process of delegation of authority is very complicated with even more complicated outcomes. Therefore, a business needs to be very careful when delegating authority to employees.

The hiring of a virtual personal assistant  has made the delegation of authority job very easy for the employer. An employer needs not to worry about factors like, gender, biasness, or any other favoritism when delegating authority to a virtual personal assistant. The lines below explain the three step process of delegation of authority to a virtual assistant.


The first step in delegating authority to a virtual personal assistant is to build the confidence of the virtual assistant. An employer needs to remind the virtual personal assistant that he or she is the employee of the business and the employer has total confidence over the abilities and skills of the virtual personal assistant. This way a virtual agent gets better prepared for handling of authority.


Secondly, when an employer has identified a virtual personal assistant for the purpose of delegating authority, the employer needs to slowly shift authority to the virtual agent. The employer can start shifting of authority by firstly handing over the trivial tasks that require minimal judgment, and afterwards increase the level of authority.


Thirdly, when the virtual personal assistant has somewhat become used to handling authority, the employer then needs to transfer the authority full time to the virtual personal assistant. However, when delegating authority, the employer needs to clearly state the consequences of misuse of mishandling of authority, this way the virtual personal agent becomes more responsible.

Bottom Line:

In short, starting the delegation of authority with building the confidence of the virtual assistant, slowly delegating authority, and then giving the full authority ensures better and productive transference of authority.

Tips To Consider Before Starting A Virtual Personal Assistant Service

The need of virtual assistance is quite in these days in the market. More and more businesses are looking for virtual assistant who could assist them in managing the business in a cost effective manner, along with increasing the productivity of the business.

Responding to this need of virtual assistance, many entrepreneurs and businesses are looking to step into virtual personal assistant service business. There are a few tips that a businessperson should consider before stepping into virtual personal assistant service business.

Virtual Personal AssistantNiche:

Firstly, you as a business owner should decide about the niche you are going to target for your virtual personal assistant service. Like whether, you are going to target businesses looking for assistants for call answering, for administrative assistance, or web designing.

Start Small:

When you are to start a virtual personal assistant business, you don’t need to start on a broader or greater level. Rather, you should take small steps and start the business by offering fewer services and then moving on to diversity and expansion.

Be Realistic:

When starting your virtual personal assistant business it is very important to be realistic in your approach. In start, every business owner wants the business to come no matter whatever it may be. You need to be cautious and never over commit to your clients, and only commit for the service, which you could realistically provide.


For reception of projects, you need to do networking with businesses that would be in need of virtual personal assistant service. You need to bring in all your contacts and tell them about your offering, this way you can make your way in the market and be known as a virtual personal assistant service provider.

Bottom Line:

In short, if you wish to start you own virtual assistance service then you would need to shake your contacts, be realistic in your approach and start with small steps.

Virtual Assistant Making Life Easy For The Small Business Owner

Small business owners are usually very busy people and have a very hectic routine. Due to the shortage of budget and resources, the small business owner has to do multiple tasks himself. This makes the life of a small business owner very hectic, and very little relief is left for the business owner.

The virtual assistant service comes as a blessing for the small business owner. An SMB owner can simply assign tasks to the virtual personal assistant and make time for him take some rest, regain energy and focus on the more important tasks. Some of the ways in which a virtual assistant can make the life of a small business owner easy are given below.

virtual personal assistant

  • Answering calls of the customers and prospects is an activity that takes the most time of the business owner, for which the owner has to stay in office. By hiring a virtual assistant to answer calls, the owner does not necessarily have to be in the office all the time.
  • Setting appointments with prospects is another task which consumes a lot of time of the business owner, as most of the time the prospects are not available so the business owner has to wait. Hiring a virtual assistant to make appointments is a way by which an owner can free up time and does not has to stick with the seat.
  • Thirdly, mail dispatch or responding to emails also takes a lot of small business owner’s time. A virtual personal assistant can perform both these functions efficiently, saving the time of the owner, to focus energies on more important tasks.

In short, hiring a virtual personal assistant can help free up time for the small business owner those results in greater energy on part of the business owner, and more focus on strategic matters.

Virtual Personal Assistant Coming To The Rescue of Small Business

In this era of economic down turn, every business is looking for means to save cost. Its the saving on cost, that can help a business survive in this economic crisis along with global competition.

The economic conditions are specially hard for small businesses. Therefore, a majority of small businesses is opting for outsourcing. When it comes to outsourcing the prevalent trend is of virtual personal assistant. A virtual assistant is the one, which a small business can hire to perform the assigned tasks in the minimum cost possible.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can perform a variety of tasks for the employer, which ultimately lead to the owner saving on cost, which the owner might have otherwise paid in great amount to an in-house employee. The lines below give the tasks by performing which a virtual personal assistant rescues the small business in this economic crisis.

Data Entry:

Upon the assigning of the employer, a virtual personal assistant can perform the task of data entry. It is a trivial task, for which a small business needs an additional resource. With a virtual assistant on board, the task can be allocated to the virtual assistant who can do it with the due diligence.

Call Answering:

A virtual personal assistant can perform the task of call answering on the behalf of the employer. An owner can have the calls re-routed to the virtual assistant, and he or she could answer the calls of business and deal with the customer in the most professional manner.

Email Responding:

A virtual Personal assistant receives training about the business before performing any of the tasks. With proper knowledge of the business, a virtual assistant can effectively respond to the emails of the business in the absence of the employer.

Appointment Setting:

As the small business owners are always on the go, therefore, they need an assistant who could set their appointments. A virtual personal assistant can perform this function of appointment setting by calling the clients and asking them time for an appointment.

Bottom Line:

In short, a virtual assistant is a blessing which a small business owner could long for in these days of economic crisis. With low cost and the added value services, virtual assistance service is worth the dime for a small business owner.

A Perfect And Productive Virtual Assistant Experience

Gone are the days when an entrepreneur had to go through the daunting task of conducting interview to hire an assistant. Thanks to outsourcing companies, now a business owner can simply give a job description to the outsourcing service provider and they arrange an assistant for the employer, who works virtually.

Virtual assistant is the rising concept in outsourcing industry and is a dire necessity for small business owners. The owners of startup businesses require a helping hand, which the outsourcing companies can provide in the form of virtual assistant. However, the employer needs to be very cautious in the selection process. The lines below give the right process of hiring a virtual assistant which makes the process productive.

Virtual AssistantFinding A Virtual Assistant:

The process starts by finding a virtual assistant. The employer gives a job description to the outsourcing company and it arranges an according VA. However, the employer needs to decide the way its going to require VA services. Some of the common ways are:

Task-Based VA- Hiring a virtual assistant for specific tasks and projects, so that it does not cost employer much, and secondly whenever the project finishes the virtual assistant does not cost the employer anymore.

Part-time VA- An Assistant that performs assigned tasks on daily bases in some certain hours of the day. This option is suitable for employers who want to cope up with additional work burden.

Full-time VA- Hiring a virtual assistant to perform full time duties is the need of businesses that plan to save cost and increase productivity in a long run.

Assigning Tasks:

An employer needs to be very cautious in assigning tasks to a virtual assistant. As it is the first time both the parties are working together, and it’s the information or work of the employer that is at risk, that is why the main responsibility lies on the shoulder of employer. The steps an employer can take in this regard are:

  • Create backup of all the information on which the virtual assistant is to work.
  • Provide in detail instructions to the virtual assistant.
  • Don’t consider the VAs a replacement of one’s self.
  • Explain the time deadlines to the assistant in a clear manner.

Once the employer finds the right VA, selects the right time duration for the service, assigns the tasks in the best professional manner, then it is guaranteed that the VA experience for the employer would be next to perfect and equally productive.